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Ichrak Baffoun



I’ve always been passionate about catering and event planning. A Parisian native, I moved to New York City in 2017 with hopes of bringing my unique passions to the United States and beyond. The founding of Studio Mercerie began with my grandmother. A passionate and creative woman, she taught me the joys of sewing, cross-stitching, and knitting. Whenever she needed materials, my mother would take me to a local shop called “la Mercerie.” In my hometown, these small boutiques were filled with beautiful threads, buttons, and ribbons.


La Mercerie was a place where you would find creative people who loved to bring their tailor-made creations to life.

My father was an amazing cook, and my friends recall sitting at one of his tables for an incredible meal and his endless stories. A fantastic host who loved to be surrounded by family and friends, my father could spend every day in the kitchen making people happy. My wonderful mother would often join him. She is the type who cooks with no recipes, yet everything she creates is singular and delicious. Her passion for vintage furniture and delicate tableware introduced me to a world of beauty. My love for refined tableware came from hours watching her collect and create intimate table settings. It’s not a surprise that I decided to return to my first love after a career in finance!


At Studio Mercerie, my love for event design and planning allows me to bring together everything I am passionate about—crafting, floral arranging, baking, and dreaming! Growing up surrounded by all this creative and passionate energy resonates with the essence of who I am. Now, I wish to share this passion through Studio Mercerie. On any given day, you would find me cutting some wood with my jigsaw, building a backdrop, cooking a delicious french brioche or madeleines for my girls, and perhaps creating a floral arrangement on the side!


I currently live in New York City with my husband and two beautiful daughters. After planning birthday parties for my curly-haired kiddos, along with a milestone birthday for my husband, I knew what I wanted to do. I decided to leave the corporate world and start Studio Mercerie. Like my father, I love hosting parties and dinners and sharing these lifetime memories with those I love. Like my mother, I am passionate about taking everyday ingredients and bringing life to unforgettable experiences. And like my grandmother, I believe in the power of hard work, creativity, and just the right amount of la Mercerie needle and thread!


The team at Studio Mercerie is ready to help you create a celebration of your dreams. Let our creative team of talented women take away the stress so you can truly become a guest at your own event!

Ichrak Baffoun

Caroline Laroche


Born and raised in France, I moved to New York City soon after graduating college.


Although I was predestined to work in the corporate world of human resources, I fell in

love with the wonderful world of Luxury Hospitality. While working for the Peninsula New York Hotel, I discovered that making people happy made me happy. I’ve spent the past decade curating experiences and creating bespoke and life-long memories for guests by tailoring surprises and personalizing every hotel stay. I want every visit to be one that a guest will remember forever. 

Untitled design.png

Similarly, I love planning, organizing, crafting new experiences, and seeing the sparkle in guests’ eyes when they arrive at a Studio Mercerie event! During the COVID-19 pandemic, I started a real estate project that reminded me of my love for detail-oriented projects. Because I wanted this real estate project to have a French vibe, I spent days cutting wood and working on wall moldings for the living room. I even impressed myself by creating unique decor. This dedication to detail and design has become part of every Studio Mercerie event!


I invite you to partner with Studio Mercerie for your next event. Take inspiration from our event planning portfolio, and then bring us a theme or dream of your own. Watch as we bring every single detail to life. We can’t wait to help you make unforgettable memories!


Méliné Verdier


Born and raised in Paris, I consider myself a global citizen having lived in several cities around the world. My background is in business and real estate law and my passion lies in travel, minimalist interior design, and Japanese culture - more than anything, I love to curate the best of everything from restaurants to hotels to experiences. I'm always drawn to people who pour their hearts and souls into their work and celebrate the beauty of the world around us. 

My love for designing and organizing events was ignited when I became a mom. I began planning parties and celebrations like Valentine's Day, Chandeleur, and Mardi Gras for my son - doing so filled me with so much joy and purpose.

 I always looked forward to the next event - Halloween, Christmas, Easter - my goal was to provide my son with the most beautiful and memorable parties surrounded by loved ones, teaching him the importance of celebrating life and creating lasting memories.


I met Ichrak through our kids' school and found that we had a mutual passion for designing and organizing events. Witnessing our designs come to life and having the privilege of being a part of so many essential life celebrations through our creativity brings me immense joy. Working with clients across industries to bring their visions to life is incredibly rewarding, and I am so grateful to be able to do it. There's nothing better than seeing people come together to celebrate life’s greatest moments. This is my passion - creating beautiful and unforgettable events that bring people joy and make lasting memories.  I'm so excited about what the future holds for Studio Mercerie.   I can't wait to meet you and help you create your own special event!


ready to create your dream event?

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